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Business Loans ranging from Rs.5L to Rs.25L with a tenure starting from 6 months.

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Business Loans in Odisha

Orissa is a thriving center of art and culture. A massive city with the state of Bhubaneswar is the center of industrial importance. Rested at an elevation of 45 meters above sea level, the city is located in the eastern coastal plains and to the south-west of River Mahanadi. Every business is different and hence has special requirements. Business Loan provided by several banks and financial companies help various people to get the loan they desire for through the funds that the bank offers to them. A Business Loan is the most reliable and comfortable alternative to the people who wish to finance their business objectives. Banks and financial companies now allow people to get a loan anywhere at any time. People who want to seek Business Loan in Odisha can avail it via Rupee Station. The applicant who wishes to evaluate the strategy for business development or requirement of the business, it has to be for the business growth. The applicant should provide with the intention on why the applicant should require the Business Loans. Usually, Business Loans will be granted for a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 48 months. The applicant needs to determine the tenor based on the repayment and cash flows capability. Rupee Station has consolidated the healthiest practices from banking and non-banking enterprises to guarantee the credit-worthiness of borrowers. Rupee Station utilizes an alternate scoring mechanism. The applicants who are eligible for Business Loans in Orissa can have a minimum bank credit of Rs. 5 Lac in the last 12 months. They require submitting company PAN card with past 3 months salary slip.

The rate of Interest is based on bank and financial institutions internal policies and terms. Usually, bank account conduct, the reputation of the entity, repayment capability, credit history, etc. but at Rupee Station the applicant gets an attractive rate of interest that is affordable and economical. There are times when the applicant has low cibil or credit history, but they need funds on a very urgent basis. At times like this, the applicant can turn up to Rupee Station. Rupee Station provides loans and funds to even those applicants who have a bad credit history. Based on the interest and years of business and cash flow, Rupee Station comes out with the eligibility of the loan amount. This is based on how much an applicant has a profit on his business or and how he can control to pay the EMI with the cash flow. Easy repayment options and accessible documentation is the essential element of Rupee Station. The user needs to do is fill an online application form with the documents that are required. , and a confirmation is sent via mail or SMS. After this is done, the money is disbursed to the applicant's account within two working days.

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A Business loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s Business use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.




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A Business loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s Business use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  • eligibility

    Good Credit Score

  • eligibility

    Above 21 years of Age

  • eligibility

    Self Employed professional

  • eligibility

    Resident of India

  • eligibility

    Valid Bank Account

  • eligibility

    PAN Card and Voter ID Card/Driving License

  • eligibility

    Bank Statements for the last three months

  • eligibility

    ITR Return