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Medical Loan

Meeting a medical emergency is one of the hardest tasks in today’s time as the medical expenses are touching the sky. Many times, the medical bill raises high in lakhs and meeting such a huge expenditure instantly is too hard for people. Most of the time medical expenses are unplanned as these medical conditions arise suddenly and meeting high expenses without proper planning is just next to impossible for many people.

To help people meet their medical expenditure easily and instantly, we offer high quantum medical loan to our customers. At Rupee Station, we make the medical loans available in just 24 hours, so that you can meet the medical emergencies easily. Our aim is to redefine the complex loan lending procedure into a simple and quick one. Thus, we follow the paperless loan process which saves time as well as efforts required in getting the loan approved.

Medical loan

Instant approval

Apply in minutes

You can easily apply for a loan in only minutes by filling our loan application form online.

 Disbursal in 24 hours

Collateral-free loan up to 25lac

You can get loan up to 25lac without mortgaging any of your assets.


Low-interest rates

Medical loan at Rupee Station is made available at quite low-interest rates to make it an affordable option for you.

 Minimum documentation

Receive funds in 24 hours

Loan amount is made available instantly in just 24 hours, so that you can easily meet your urgent requirements.

 Flexible Tenor

Minimal eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to apply for a medical loan is also very minimal, thus anyone can easily apply for the loan.

 Loans up to Rs.25 lakh

Easy documentation

The process of documentation is also quite easy as you can submit the documents online in clicks.

 Pre-approved offers

Repay in small EMIs

You can easily repay the loan in small EMIs depending upon your regular monthly income.

 Loans up to Rs.25 lakh

No restriction on fund usage

You can use the funds received for any or every medical issue as there is no restriction on the usage of the loan amount.

The medical loan is one of the best ways to meet the unforeseen health emergency expenses. These loans fall in the category of unsecured personal loans, thus they are easily available in just a few clicks. If you are facing any medical issue and need huge funds on an instant basis then medical loans are the best option for you. These loans are easily available up to 25lac at quite an affordable rate of interest. The best part is that these loans are collateral-free and hardly have any salary or income requirement for its approval. So, you can easily meet your urgent medical requirements with the medical loans.

Types of interest rates on medical loans

There are two types of interest rates charged on the medical loan, one is the fixed rate of interest, and the other is floating rate. Both the rate of interest have their own pros and cons, here given is the basic difference between these two types of interest rates –

  • Floating rate of interest – It is widely dependent upon the current rate of interest i.e. if after taking the loan, bank revises its interest rate then you will have to pay the interest in accordance with the current rate for the leftover principal.
  • Fixed rate of interest – As per its name, the interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the loan. You will pay the interest as per the pre-defined rates till the end of your loan. So, in this case, your monthly installment can be the same for the entire duration of the loan.

Advantages of taking a medical loan in comparison to health insurance

Although medical loans are less preferred in comparison to the health insurance, but there are numerous benefits which makes these loans more preferable at times. Here are some of the major advantages of the medical loan in comparison to health insurance; take a look –

  • Covers a wide range of diseases – Health insurance has a restriction on the coverage of the medical issues and most of the critical ailments are not covered by health insurance. However, there is no such restriction in case of a medical loan. You can get the loan for any or every medical issue.
  • Instantly approved – Approval of health insurance takes a little time as there is restriction as regards to diseases as well as documentation process is also quite hard. On the contrary medical loans are instantly approved and the documents required are also very basic.
  • Instant availability of funds – Funds are instantly available in 24 hours in case of the medical loan. However, the case is just opposite with the health insurance policy as it takes little time in processing.

Is Medical loan available to a person with poor credit score?

The medical loan is a kind of collateral-free personal loan, thus its approval widely depends upon your credit score and credit history. However, we at Rupee Station, also provide the medical loans to the people with bad credit score and poor credit history. So, if you have a bad credit rating and need a medical loan on an instant basis then apply for the loan at Rupee Station and get the loan instantly.

What are the medical expenses which are covered by this loan?

Your medical loan will cover all the medical expenditure such as operation, medicine, testing, and hospital expenses. You can use the funds for a wide range of expenses related to medical as there is no restriction on the usage of the fund amount.

No doubt that medical loan is quite a major requirement for people at times of emergencies. In fact, these loans serve as a savior for many people falling short of funds, to pay hospital, operation, and medicine bills, to provide ailment to their loved one. Here listed are some of the major features of the Medical Loan, have a look:-

  • Available online – These loans are easily available online in just a few clicks. You can apply for the loan just by filling the medical loan application form available at our website. Once you fill in the basic details in the form and submit it, your request for a loan is initiated immediately in minutes. 
  • Instant Approval – The entire loan process is completed online in clicks only, thus the approval of the loan does not take much time. The process of documentation is also accomplished online which fastens the process as well as makes verification of documents and approval of loan easy.
  • Affordable interest rates – The rate of interest of medical loans is also very reasonable which makes it an affordable option for the borrower. There are multiple loan schemes offered by different banks which help you to get the loan at quite an affordable rate.
  • Flexibility in repayment tenure – Repaying such a huge amount just after a medical emergency becomes a big challenge for the borrower. Thus, the repayment of the medical loans can be done in extremely small installments. You can decide your monthly installment as per your regular income as you can easily extend the repayment tenure up to 60 months.
  • Loan available to all – Medical loans are available to almost everyone, so you do not have to worry much about procuring a medical loan. Whether you are a self-employed individual or a salaried employee, you can easily get the medical loan as both are eligible to apply for it. In addition, the basic criteria to apply for the medical loan are also very minimal, so anyone can easily apply for it.
  • Minimal and quick documentation – The documents required for the approval of the personal loan are also the basic one, so you can easily provide the document required and get the loan instantly. You can submit the soft-copy of the essential documents and can complete the documentation process in a blink of an eye.
  • Collateral-free loan – In order to apply for the medical loan, you do not need any collateral or guarantor. These loans fall into the category of unsecured loans and thus their approval, interest rate, and the eligible loan amount are dependent upon your credit score. Thus, you need not mortgage any personal asset in order to get your medical loan approved.
  • Funds disbursal in 24 hours – In case of medical emergency, funds are required on an immediate basis in order to prevent the situation from going worse. Thus, these loans are made available instantly. Once your loan application is approved, you will receive the funds in only 24 hours.

The medical loan is easily available to almost everyone as medical emergencies can occur in anybody’s life. However, there are some basic criteria which a person has to meet in order to apply for the medical loan. Although applying criteria for medical loan are quite general but it can vary from bank to bank. Below given is the detailed list of basic eligibility criteria for the loan, take a look and know your eligibility:-

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Medical Loan

As stated above almost everyone is eligible for the medical loans and here is the list of basic eligibility criteria, have a look:-

  • You should either be self-employed professional or a salaried individual.
  • Your minimum age should be 23 and your maximum age should be 58.
  • Your regular monthly income should be more than 20k.
  • You should be residing in your current residence from at least 1 year.
  • You should have minimum 2yrs of experience with your current organization.

Documents Required for the Approval of Medical Loan

The documents required for the approval of the loan widely depends upon your source of income. The list of documents for the self-employed professionals widely differs from the documents required for the salaried individuals. So, below given are the lists of documents for both the categories of borrowers; have a look:-
Self-Employed Individual

  • Duly filled Application - The first and the foremost document is an application form along with the latest photograph of passport size.
  • ID Proof – You can provide a copy of any one document i.e. Pan Card, Driving license, and Passport.
  • Address Proof – Any of the following documents will serve as an address proof- Electricity Bill, Voter ID Card, Rent Agreement, or Telephone Bill.
  • Proof of Business Existence – You are required to submit any of one documents as a proof of business existence – Partnership Deed, Registration Certificate or PAN Card
  • Proof of Income Tax – A copy of the latest filed Income Tax Return is required to be submitted.
  • Details of your ongoing loan – You also need to provide the copy of the documents of your ongoing loan.

Salaried Individual

  • Application form – You need to submit a duly filled application form with your latest passport sized photograph.
  • Proof of Identity – You have to provide any of the following documents i.e. Passport, Pan Card, or Driving license.
  • Residence Proof – You are required to submit anyone document - Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Rent Agreement, Voter ID Card.
  • Statement of Bank – You are supposed to provide the copy of the statement from the bank for previous 6 months.
  • Details of Existing Loan – If there is an existing loan then you need to provide the documents of that loan.
  • Copy of ITR – A copy of your recently filed ITR or Form16 needs to be submitted.

Medical loans are only procured at the time of emergencies and we at Rupee Station completely understand the same. Thus, our aim is to make the medical loans easily and instantly available to the borrowers and that too at the lowest rate of interest, so that they do not face issues in the repayment of the loan. At Rupee Station, we have a team of highly experienced financial experts who search for the best loan options available and provide you the best financial advice in your hard time, so that you just don’t end up paying more.
As soon as your application is received, our experts will review it and will process the same with multiple banks and NBFCs. Thereafter, they will compare multiple loan schemes offered by the banks and NBFCs to suggest you the one with the lowest rate of interest and maximum benefits. Rupee Station is an online marketplace for all types of loans and we aim at making the entire loan process paperless and hassle-free for our customers. Here are some of the major advantages of applying for a loan at Rupee Station; have a look:-

  • Apply as and when you need – At Rupee Station, you only need to fill our digital loan application form by with some of your basic details. Thus, you can easily apply for the loan at any hour of the day in just a few clicks.
  • Enjoy Instant approval – We have collaborated with top banks and NBFCs in India and thus we help you to get your loan instantly approved. In fact, the high quantum loan up to 40k is approved in just a few days. So, you can easily meet your urgent monetary requirements with Rupee Station.
  • Tailor-made loan option available – Our goal is to provide you a loan which perfectly matches your requirement. So, in case you are not satisfied with the loan schemes available to you on the basis of your details then you can opt for the customized loan. The tailor-made loan option provides you with the loan which is strictly made in accordance with your requirements.
  • Get the loan amount in just 24 hours – We understand the urgent requirement of funds at the time of medical emergencies. Thus, we make the loan amount available in just a short span of time. Once your loan application is approved by the bank, the loan amount will be disbursed in your account in 24 hours.
  • Know the proceedings instantly – We keep you informed about the proceedings done at your loan application. We provide real-time loan application tracking facility to our customers. Thus, you can easily know the process which has been completed and which still needs to be done in clicks only. It helps our customers to know in how much time they will receive the funds.
  • Paperless documentation and verification – When it comes to the loan, the process of documentation is one of the most time-consuming processes. We have minimized this process into minutes only as we accept the documents online as the soft-copy and get them verified in minutes only.

Applying for the loan has become too easy and instant with Rupee Station. In fact, applying for the medical loan is minute’s task with us. Here are the simple steps to apply for a medical loan at Rupee Station, have a look –

  • Fill the digital loan application form – In order to apply for the loan at Rupee Station, you just need to fill an online loan application form which is available at our website. You just need to provide some basic information such as your name, email ID, salary and so on.
  • Our experts will review and contact you – Once your loan application is received our experts will review your loan application and will get in touch with you. They contact the borrowers to know their requirements and get other required information.
  • Submit your documents online – Our financial experts will process your application with the bank and your task is to submit all the essential documents. At Rupee Station, you can submit the soft-copy of the documents in clicks only.
  • Get them verified in minutes – The entire loan process at Rupee Station is paperless, the documents are not only submitted online but also verified online in a minute.
  • Receive the funds in your account – Your loan application gets approved in only a few days and you receive the funds in 24 hours after the approval of your loan application.

So, this was the simple and easy procedure to apply for a loan at Rupee Station. Fill the form in minutes and get the funds instantly.

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