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The Paperless process of borrowing all types of loans in India in just 2 minutes. Follow these steps and get the loan amount directly in your account now!

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  • Submission of the documents In 5 Min We promote paperless, easy and less documentation process
  • Verification & Approval In 2 Min The approval would not take more than a few minutes
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The approval of your loan application is largely dependent on the credit score.

  • Check credit rating for free
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  • Check if your credit report matches the eligibility criteria or not
  • Know how to improve the credit score


We all understand the role of money in our daily lives. From buying a flat to starting up a new business, we have to spend a huge amount of money at a time on such occasions. And, it becomes quite challenging to manage such expenditures only with our monthly salaries. Probably this is the reason why lending money comes into the picture. Several financial institutions around the country provide us the loan so that we can bear those bulk expenditures without getting financially broke.

However, there are a lot of people like you and me who are willing to avail low rate personal loans or business loans. And, as compared to the people, the number of loan-providing institutions is quite less. As a result, not all of us get loans when we desperately want it. At times, our requests are not even addressed due to official proceedings and lack of documentation or credit score.

At Rupee Station, we work as a catalyst in the entire process of lending money while ensuring you that you get a loan when you need it. We take charge of your finances and provide you the best options from where you can avail quick business loans and personal loans at lowest interest rates. Also, we aim at making the process simpler and easier for you. All you need to do is to submit us a few required documents, and then after a quick verification, we will ensure that you receive the fund in your account as soon as possible.

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Our Happy Customer Says...

Nisha Singh


Thank You Rupee Station for approving my loan application when I needed it the most. You are doing a great job! Congratulations.

Borrowing money at the time of crisis can help anyone to do things. For those people who want to fulfill their dreams and goal or are in a critical condition concerning finance can avail loans from Rupee Station. The user can utilize these funds for various purposes that boost help without any collateral cost or security fees.  Loans offered by Rupee Station are quick and simple; we provide credit to almost all banks or financial institutions with minimal paperwork and less verification time. The entire process from application to disbursement is short.


There are various types of loans which are provided by the bank. Some of the loans which the user might need are:

Personal loan

Loans without mortgage and collateral are often referred to as the Personal Loan. Also, it requires less time for the approval and disbursal of the amount. In fact, applying for thepersonal loan in Delhi or in other parts of the country is comparatively easy and helpful, especially during an emergency situation. Additionally, the eligibility criteria is said to be quite minimalistic.

Business Loan

A business loan is often used to support working capital (or the business expenses) and can contribute to a business's goodwill – the difference between a company's total value and the value of its assets. Availing business loan in Delhi will give a complete boost to your company. With simple and easy steps, you can easily apply for business loans in India with Rupee Station.

Home loan

A home loan in Delhi NCR and other parts of India is a provided by a financial institution in return for security over the property that the user is using the loan to buy. Typically a home loan will be a 25 or 30-year term, with normal repayment amounts or monthly payoffs that are designed for the mortgage over the contracted time. You can also use this loan to buy and renovate homes in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and in various other cities across the country.

Property loan

If an applicant is in need of money for an essential item or to help make their life more manageable, it’s a good thing to familiarize themselves with the kinds of credit and loans that might be available.


The advantages which are granted by Rupee Station to the applicant are stated below:

An easy mode of payment

With loans at Rupee Station, the user only requires to bother about making the payments of regular installments on-time. Yes, apart from it, the applicant might pay the entire amount or cost when the bank requires it.

Lowest Rate of Interest:

When you apply for loans with Rupee Station, out of all the significant benefits, the perks of availing the personal or business loans at the lowest rate of interest is something no one should miss. It guarantees you that you can avail the loans at best interest rates.

Instant Approval in 2 minutes

Get the loan application approval in just 2 minutes with Rupee Station. You can just submit us the form after filling it up properly, and then you are good to go. We are assuring you that you will receive the loan amount directly in your account.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria 

If you apply for a loan at Rupee Station, you will enjoy the benefits of availing the funds at minimum eligibility criteria. However, before applying for the loans, it is a good idea to check the credit score.

Poor, Low or Bad Credit Loans

Irrespective of the city in which you live in, be it Mumbai, Chennai or Delhi-NCR, getting low credit loans is not that easy. But, we at Rupee Station have made it a point to provide the borrowers with bad credit loans in Delhi NCR and other parts of India.

Free Tools

Our website gives you the option to use two of our best finance tools before you apply for any type of loans. You can check eligibility criteria for free at Rupee Station. Moreover, you can simply check free credit score with our CREDIT score checker tool, available on our website for free.