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Loan Tenure: Flexible, Credit score: not an issue, Document-less approval

Meet all your existing financial issues instantly with ICICI Bank Personal Loan. You can easily apply for a ICICI personal loan at Rupee Station. ICICI bank provides personal loans to meet your varying needs. If you are planning your dream wedding and do not have enough funds then also ICICI personal loan is the best option for you.

ICICI Bank personal loans interest rate is too low, and is easily available to the borrowers. Rupee Station is a one-stop solution for all types of loans so you can easily apply for the ICICI personal loan in just a few clicks. At Rupee Station, you just need to fill an online form which asks for a few basic details. We help you to get the loan easily and instantly at the minimal rate of interest.

Apply Personal Loan

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Please select your Employment Type
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Please enter your inhand salary.Minimum annual income of Rs. 1.2 Lakh is requiredMinimum turnover of Rs. 1.2 Lakh is required

Why take Personal Loan from ICICI Bank?

Taking a loan from ICICI bank will offer you multiple benefits and some of the major benefits which come with ICICI personal loan are listed below, have a look -

  • ICICI personal loans interest rate starting from 10.99%
  • No restriction on usage of loan amount
  • Flexible repayment tenure up to 60 months
  • No need of security or collateral for taking the loan
  • Cash available in just a few days
  • Interest rate remains same during the entire loan tenure
  • Easy online procedure
  • Hassle-free application process
  • Minimal documentation

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

The rate of interest will range from 10.99% to 17.99% p.a. It will depend on the customer’s credit score, credit history and the relationship with the bank, and finally the bank’s internal policies.

Salaried Individual

Loan Amount

Starting From Rs. 50,000 up to Rs. 25 lakhs

Interest Rate

10.99% to 17.99%

Processing Fee

From Rs. 999/- Up to 2.0% of the loan amount and applicable Service Tax

Loan Tenure

1 to 5 years


23 years up to 58 years

Prepayment Charges

Up to 5% per annum of principal outstanding plus service tax

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan provided by ICICI Bank

ICICI Bank offers different types of personal loan and the best part is that the entire processing of the personal loan is completed in just a few minutes. In fact, with ICICI bank you can avail the loan at your first salary. The bank offers a personal loan up to 20 lakh without any security or collateral against the loan.

The personal loan amount funded by the bank can be used for variety of purposes such as marriage, world tour, home renovation etc. ICICI Bank does not put any restriction on the usage of loan amount disbursed by the bank. ICICI personal loan comes with multiple features and benefits, some of the major benefits of ICICI bank personal loans are given below –

Low ICICI rate of interest

The rate of interest on ICICI personal loan is quite low. In fact, the bank offers the personal loan starting from 10% interest rate, so if you are looking for low interest rates then ICICI bank is one of the best options.

Same interest rate for entire tenure

During the entire tenure of the loan, the rate of interest remains the same. ICICI bank does not revise the rate of interest during the loan tenure, so even if the interest rate increases in future, it will not affect your interest amount to be paid.

Hassle-free application

You can easily apply for ICICI personal loan in a few simple steps. You just need to fill an online application form with few basic personal and professional details. Once you submit the application, you are almost done.

Minimal Documentation

The documentation process for personal loan at ICICI bank is quite easy as not much documents are required. Thus, you can easily get the personal loan from ICICI bank easily.

Flexible repayment tenure

You can choose the repayment tenure of the loan in accordance with your future fund flow. You can extend the repayment tenure as long as 60 months.

Auto-repayment option

ICICI bank also provides its customers with auto-repayment of EMI. You can select auto-debit option from your account and your EMI will be automatically paid on the due date every month. Also, you can use ICICI Bank personal loan EMI calculator for free at Rupee Station.

Quick Disbursal of Fund

Once your loan application gets approved the loan amount is made available to the customers in a short span of just a few days.

No Restriction on loan usage

ICICI bank puts no restriction on the usage of the personal loan amount provided by the bank. You are absolutely free to use the loan amount as per your need and requirements.

No collateral or security required

For getting personal loan from ICICI bank, you need not have any collateral or security.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Fees and Charges

Processing Fees ICICI Bank charges a processing fee of 0.25% to 1.50%; Rs. 999 of loan amount with applicable service tax.
Foreclosure Charges In case you want to repay your entire loan amount before the loan period ends. ICICI Bank allows prepayment of personal loan after paying 6 EMI’s with 5% prepayment charges applicable.
Eligibility Criteria

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The ICICI personal loan eligibility criteria is quite a basic one, so need not have to struggle much for applying the loan. Below given is basic eligibility criteria of ICICI bank for personal loan, have a look –

• You should be the citizen of India.

• Your age should be amid 21 to 65.

• You should be a salaried employee for 2 years or a self-employed professional for 5 yrs and for doctors it is 3 yrs.

• Your business turnover and monthly income should meet the minimum income criteria of the bank.

Documents Required for ICICI Personal Loan

Application of Loan

Duly filled application for loan needs to be provided

Identity Proof

Passport/PAN Card/ Aadhar card/ Voter ID

Residence Proof

Electricity bill/Aadhar Card/Telephone bill

Income Proof

Copy of ITR/statement of Bank


Recent photographs

Documents Required

Why to Apply for ICICI Personal Loan at Rupee Station?

Rupee Station is one stop online platform to get all types of loans to meet your varying funds requirements. At Rupee Station, we provide different types of loans in a short span of time in order to meet your instant requirement. With us, you can directly apply for loan to ICICI and avail the best loan offers as we have an exclusive collaboration with ICICI Bank.

So, if you are planning to apply for the personal loan at ICICI bank then just need to fill the loan application form given at our website. Below listed are few of the benefits of applying for ICICI bank personal loan through Rupee Station, have a look –

ICICI Personal loan apply online

At Rupee Station, you can apply for the personal loan in just a few minutes as you just need to fill a simple loan application form with some basic details.

Enjoy Personalized Loan

To meet the varying requirement of our customers, we also offer personalized loan options. Thus, you can take the loan as per your need and requirement.

Get funds in just a few days

Once you have applied for the loan at Rupee Station and your loan application gets approved, the loan amount is made available in a minimum of two days only.

Check status of loan application

You can easily know the status of personal loan application instantly in clicks as we provide real-time status of the applications.

Get Instant Support

If you have any doubt or facing any issue while applying for the personal loan, you can instantly get in touch with our customer support officials.

Process of applying for the loan at Rupee Station

You can apply for the personal at Rupee Station a few simple steps given below –

Step 1

ICICI personal loan apply online by filling up the form

Step 2

Our officials will get in touch with you to know other information

Step 3

Receive funds in just a few days, if your loan application gets approved

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for ICICI Bank personal loan are quite simple and easy-to-be-followed. However, the criteria would vary for salaried and self-employed individual.

ICICI Personal Loan Eligibility: Self-Employed & Salaried

In case of a self-employed applicant, he/she needs to be minimum of 21 years of age and maximum of 65 years. The minimum turnover for the same is supposed to be 15lakhs (as per the audited financial statements). Self-employed individual should be in the current business for not less than 5 years in order to apply loans. However, if he/she is a doctor, only 3 years would help him/her to avail the loan.

If the applicant is a salaried one, the age would vary between 23 to 58 years. Also, his/her minimum monthly income should not be less than INR 15000. At the same time, he/she is living in any of the metropolitan cities of India; the income needs to be more than the other applicants. Also, only if the applicant has more than 2 years of working experience in a reliable company, he/she can apply for the loan.

Documents needed for ICICI Bank Personal Loan

No loans will get sanctioned by any of the top Indian banks without submitting the valid documents. Similarly, if you are willing to avail the personal loan at ICICI Bank, make sure that you have submitted a few documents.

  • You are supposed to submit the signed application along with your photograph
  • Scanned copy of your driving license/voter ID/Password
  • In case, you are a self employed, you need to submit the bank statement for the last 6 months. Also, you are required to submit the audited financials for the last 24 months as an income proof.
  • In case, you are a salaried individual, make sure that you have submitted the bank statement of last 3 months. You will be also asked to submit the salary slips for last 3 months.

ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

If you are applying for ICICI personal loan with us at Rupee Station, you will be glad to know that you will enjoy minimum possible interest rates. In fact, the interest rates are starting from 10% itself, which you will hardly find with any other banks. The best thing is that you don’t have to show any guarantor. Also, you will get the option to apply for unsecured ICICI bank personal loan.

ICICI Personal Loan EMI Calculator

To calculate the EMIs and interest rates for the loan amount that you have been applied for with ICICI bank, you must the free EMI Calculator tool. At Rupee Station, we offer a free tool to calculate the same. You can simply fill up the basic information, and you will receive the details of the equated monthly installments in just a few seconds. It will help you to plan in a better way for the loan.

ICICI Personal Loan Free Credit Report Checker

All banks check the credit score of the applicants before sanctioning the loan to them. And, we would recommend you to check your credit score on your own before applying for the loan with ICICI Bank. We have a free credit report checker tool available online for you to use and get the credit rating in just a few seconds.

ICICI Personal Loan Apply Online

Now, you can simply fill up our online form and submit it to us as soon as possible. It will hardly take a few minutes of yours. Also, we would recommend you to submit all the respective documents, and you will get the approval in just 2 minutes. Also, the loan amount will get disbursed to your account in just a day or two.