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About us

Who are we?

Rupee Station is a trustable and secure platform which serves every sector.  It allows its users to get instant approval on the personal loans at lowest interest rates. If the applicant is looking for a loan with the least paperwork required, then availing a personal loan from Rupee Station can be the best choice for them. The employees can appear from every environment, either it is from a personal or professional background. With Rupee Station’s personal loan, the applicant can find a variety of loan options with the interest rates starting from 8% and loan amount starting from 25k to 25Lacs.  The aim of the firm is to help the applicant to achieve their goals. Rupee Station provides affordable installment loans that allow the applicant to build high-quality financial services.
Whether the applicant is a student who is about to begin the career or an experienced candidate followed by a proven leader, the professionals at Rupee Station will authorize the applicant to get affordable and outstanding loans with great offers.  While Rupee Station substantially adheres to the policy and strictly follows the rules and probation, it has been in the lead for introducing several innovative services and systems. Rupee Station hands its applicants with best personal loan and is considered as an excellent alternative finance provider. After the credits are approved, the loans are immediately funded to the applicant's account.
The applicant, who is seeking a personal loan, can simply fill up an online loan application form after checking the personal loan eligibility. Moreover, the applicant can use an online personal loan EMI calculator available at our website to calculate the affordability. Rupee Station adheres to the highest professional standards, which brings the best of our firm to every client and significantly improving the client's performance. We try to harness the disruptive forces to accelerate innovation for the clients and the firm.

What do we do?

The main aim of Rupee Station is to provide loans to the applicant hassle free and schemes that seek for a minimal documentation. Whether it is a student pursuing graduation/Post Graduation degree, or is a self-employed person, the candidate can enroll online with the help of the online applicant and stand with the needs and demands they have from the bank. The bank would then help the candidate to get the loan on various factors like:

Simplifying the task

Rupee Station provides with the rates that are often lower and affordable. With the good cibil score, the applicant can get loan easily with an outstanding rate of interest. Simple online application – with no paperwork through the post and no early repayment fees. There are no hidden charges.

Providing Flexible Tenure

Rupee Station would provide its customer with easy EMI option available on the loan tenure from 12 to 36 months. This loan tenure would be beneficial for the user regarding loan sanction.

No collateral loans

Rupee Station provides its customer with no guarantee or security deposit. The applicant just needs to be eligible for the loan processing, and they have to share few information to get approval fast.

Quick Disbursal

The bank would disburse cash within two days as soon as the loan is approved, the funds are transferred right into the borrower’s bank account within two working days. Thus, we need no room for delay.

Offering multiple options

There are number of options for the users at Rupee Station where they can scan each one and decide on which to use for what source. The user is authorized to change any bank at any point they want, provided with the terms and conditions.

End to end support

We understand that the user wants assistance and help all the time when it comes to choosing a bank and putting your hard earned money at something. Therefore, Rupee station has a commendable help support services with the user can call at anytime.

Why should you choose us?

The benefits that the user can loan enjoy Rupee Station help them to protect their financial security. The plans and schemes provided by Rupee Station also give peace of mind to the users who are opting for our loan option. It's simple—the user chooses plans and coverage levels that make sense for the way they live.

For the people by the people

If the applicant is not willing to proceed to the bank and is attempting to save time and money, then they can call Rupee Station helpline number and tell the professionals about their requirements and needs. After the applicant has informed about each plan and purpose, the bank itself would march down to the applicant's house and collect the required documents.
Cost of loan

The interest rate on loan and the processing fee determine the total value of the loan. Look at both these factors before the making a decision. Rupee Station offers highly competitive interest rates and low processing fee, allowing the applicant to repay in pocket-friendly EMIs.

Top Lenders

If the applicant is considering applying for a loan to fulfill their needs, then they can undoubtedly opt for Rupee Station. It provides with the best value; the user can look around to see what nonbank loans they might be eligible for and then choose a loan that best suits their needs.

Easy repayment options

Rupee Station provides easy repayment options. These loans can be settled on a monthly basis at easy convenience and the pre-enclosure charges applied are pretty nominal.
Balance in work and life

Rupee Station offers many time-off programs and many other resources that assist the user in achieving the right work and life balance. The applicant can find the help they need and whenever they need it.