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Personal Loans ranging from Rs.25K to Rs.25L with a tenure starting from 6 months.

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Personal Loans in Bangalore

Bangalore (Bengaluru,) is popularly known as the garden city of India, and an extraordinary tech hub. With growing infrastructure and ever-increasing employment opportunities, the city has become one of the best cities to live in India. However, being rich in almost every field, Bangalore is also one of the expensive places for Indians. So, at times, the residents needs personal loan to manage their extra expenses, which includes marriage/wedding, home renovation, travelling/vacation, and others. The requirements for it are increasing day-by-day along with the interest rates. But, at the Rupee Station, you can avail the personal loan very simply at a very less rate of interest with lowest EMI options.


If you are going to relocate to Bangalore:

Moving to Bangalore might be a best decision for you. But, for that, you need a suitable budget to nurture the demands of yourself and your basic needs. As compared to other cities, Bangalore is a quite expensive one. For all this, you are required to take the support of the personal Loan.

Educating your Children

In Bangalore, there are a lot of recognized and reputed universities and colleges. But, they are expensive too. So, to get your children admitted in those top colleges, you can avail personal loans with the help of Rupee Station.

Medical Emergency

When there are any sort of medical emergencies, it becomes obvious that you require emergency funding. And, a personal loon can be a boon to you in such situations. You can instantly avail the loan amount directly in your account with Rupee Station.
Apart from these, there are other reasons as well. But, before you apply for them, it is necessary for you to check the eligibility criteria and CIBIL score.

The Eligibility Criteria for applying for Personal Loan:

  • Your nationality must be an Indian
  • You must be 25 years old or above
  • You should have a valid Indian Identity card.
  • You should have a valid India bank account

Why Choose Personal Loan in Bangalore with Rupee Station?

If you are planning to take to avail this loan, then Rupee Station is one of the best online lending platforms for personal loan from private finance in Bangalore. Rupee Station is an online marketplace where borrowers get the loan at low-interest rates in short span of time. Below given are some of the reasons which make Rupee Station, your best loan lending partner; have a look:-

  • Quick personal loan providers in Bangalore – We make personal loan instantly available to the borrowers and it is the result of our exclusive collaboration with multiple banks and NBFCs. We process your application instantly and provide you the loan in just as few days.
  • Apply online personal loan in Bangalore – You can easily apply for the personal loan at Rupee Station just by submitting a loan application form at our website. We have a very short and simple online form. As soon as you will submit this loan application form, your request for the loan will be initiated.
  • Instant Personal loan in Bangalore at lowest price – We not only make the personal loan quickly available but also offer you the lowest interest rates. We process your application with multiple banks, compare the loan options available, and then provide you the one with the lowest rate of interest.
  • Easy personal loan offers in Bangalore – At Rupee Station, we provide our customers with the best loan offers as we first compare all the loan offers available from multiple banks and then provide you the one which perfectly matches your requirements. Thus, you can rest assured that you will get the best loan offer easily.
  • Unsecured personal loan agents in Bangalore – Unsecured loans are based on your credit score; you need to have a good credit score in order to be eligible for the unsecured personal loan. We, at Rupee Station, provide the high quantum loan to the people with bad credit history as well. So, if you have a poor credit rating and still need funds then we are there for you.
  • Best personal loan banks in Bangalore – To provide our customers with the exclusive loan schemes we have collaborated with the top personal loan banks in Bangalore. Thus, we make the best loan options available to you instantly within no time.    
  • Immediate personal loan in Bangalore – If you have some urgent financial needs to cater then apply for a personal loan at Rupee Station and get immediate funds. We make the loan amount available to you in just 2 days. Once your loan application is approved, the funds are disbursed into your account within 2 days only.
  • Private Finance in Bangalore for Personal Loan – We are amongst one of the top finance company in Bangalore and a prime choice of borrowers. We made the loan instantly available to the borrowers and that too at the lowest interest rates.

Bangalore Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for the loan, you need to meet the minimum eligibility criteria. With Rupee Station, the eligibility criteria are quite a basic one and anyone can easily meet the same such as your age should be 21 to 65 years, you should either be a self-employed or salaried employee and so on. Hence, with Rupee Station, you can easily apply for the loan.

Documents needed for Personal Loan in Bangalore

The documentation process is very eminent for the approval of the personal loan and we have made this process hassle-free and paperless. You can easily submit the essential documents online in clicks and we will verify them in minutes only.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

If you want to check the lowest possible EMI even before applying for the loan, then use our online EMI Calculator and know your expected monthly installment in just a minute.

Personal Loan Credit Score

The approval of your personal loan widely depends upon your credit score. If you want to know your ratings then use our credit score checker and know your exact credit score in not more than a minute.

Bangalore Personal Loan Interest Rates

The personal loan interest rates vary from bank to bank and you need to do a detailed analysis of the loan schemes provided by different banks in order to get the best one. We at Rupee Station, make the process easy for you by comparing different loan options and providing you the best one.

Top Banks that offer personal loan in Bangalore

We have collaborated with the top banks to provide the best financial services to our customers. We made all the exclusive loan offers provided by banks and NBFCs available to the borrowers in just clicks.

Low-Interest Personal Loan in Bangalore

We provide the loan at the lowest rate of interest as we first compare different loan options and then we offer you the one which has comparatively low-interest rates and more benefits.

Bad Credit Personal Loan in Bangalore

For the approval of the unsecured personal loan, your credit score is of vital importance as these loans are provided to the people with good credit score. However, we at Rupee Station also make the personal loan available to people with bad credit rating. So, if your credit loan is bad and you need a personal loan then apply for a loan at Rupee Station.

If you have any urgent financial requirement then apply for the personal loan at Rupee Station and get the funds instantly in just 2 days. We follow the paperless loan process in order to provide hassle-free loan services.


A Personal loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s personal use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.


Application form


Fill in the application form with the required details along with the necessary documents.


Quick Verification


The bank verifies the records and sends in the approval within minutes


Money Disbursal

receive loan

The money is disbursed to the bank account within two working days

RupeeStation: The Best Private Finance Company Determine the rate of interest for a Personal Loan in Bangalore

A Personal loan is a form of credit offered by financial institutions for the borrower’s personal use.
It is an unsecured loan and doesn’t require collateral as security or a guarantor to avail the loan.


  • eligibility

    Good CIBIL Score

  • eligibility

    21 or above that

  • eligibility

    Salaried professional

  • eligibility

    Native of India

  • eligibility

    Valid Bank Account

  • eligibility

    PAN Card and Voter ID Card/Driving License

  • eligibility

    Bank Statements for the last three months

  • eligibility

    Last three months bank statement